Kay Hale

School Trustee Candidate.

Richmond B.C.

My Mission

We are committed to inclusive public education that reflects the unique needs of our community, and which serves and empowers all students.

Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.”

Transformation Power of Education

About Kay

Born in Hong Kong, with a multicultural and multilingual family background. During the early days of my career I had the opportunity to visit Vancouver B.C. on a business trip for Expo 86.  As the plane was descending towards YVR airport, the Picture Perfect view of Vancouver cradled by the snow Capped Mountain was breathtaking, and for one magical moment I picture myself living in Beautiful BC. I returned in 1988 and chose the Cosmopolitan City of Richmond, for its Environment, Greenery, and Farmlands.

I was educated in the U.K. and achieved my Master Degree in Business Administration – MBA. I worked for an International Business Management Consultancy firm with International accounts; Hong Kong, Japan, UK, Australia, Canada and United States.  I am multilingual; English, Hindi, Punjabi, Cantonese and Mandarin.

I have been working in the Real Estate Industry since 2007. Both my children were educated in Canada and the UK and the generation there after are now attending elementary school here in Richmond. I am passionate about serving the residents of Richmond; my goals are protecting farmland from speculators, expanding affordable housing, senior care, and advocating to keep our public school system well-funded and safe. I will diligently work with all levels of government to ensure their Election Promises are kept and that the needs and safety of Richmond residents is at the forefront.


Management Executive Search:

Worked in Overseas Branches; Hong Kong, London, Australia, and Canada.


M.L.A. Candidate for Richmond, Queens Borough


Conservative Party of B.C.



Richmond Food Bank

Richmond Garden Club

Food Tree Sharing Farm

Realtors Blanket Drive

My Platform

IEP (Individual Education Plan) for ADHD & ADD Students:

  • Advocate to asking the Education Minister to fulfill a long time promise to add IEP as a standalone category in special education.
  • Teachers should be educated on the signs of ADHD and ADD to provide additional support.
  • Once ADHD/ADD has been diagnosed in a child, an IEP should be an option to be decided upon consultation with parents.
  • SOGI: I support the option of Parents Choice when learning about SOGO at an early age.
  • SOGI 123: It is the District’s responsibility to educate students using the filter of age approved curriculum to meet the Goals.

    Supporting Mental Health:

    • Regular open-house events at school where parents can learn more about supporting their child’s mental health at home and in school.
    • Support wellness centre on-campus, designed by students and easily accessible to all.

    Diversity and Inclusion:

    • I advocate to establish a “Zero-Indifference Negative Behaviour Policy” when it comes to an attempt to curb bullying, harassment, and intimidation. It will allow teachers to use culturally insensitive moments as opportunities for learning and understanding.

    Safety and Emergency Preparedness:

    • Plans to adequately ensure safety for students with disabilities as well as others on the school property at any given time. Ensure Teachers and School Officials are properly trained to handle an emergency situation of any kind.

    Schools Portables Temperature & Vantilation:

    • Advocate for Reliable Heating and Cooling source for Portable Classrooms.
    • Ensure Portable Classrooms have proper Ventilation systems.


    • Advocate for school canteen or Cafeteria to have healthy choices of food.
    • Vending Machines with healthy snacks.
    • Facilitate Meal Program for Students from Low Income Families.

    Support Teachers Training:

    • As educators, we have to constantly innovate to adapt our style to the ever-changing needs of new students. New teaching techniques are always emerging, therefore, it is extremely important that teachers have a wide range of strategies to ensure that all students are able to achieve their best possible results. 

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