Birth Tourism

Richmond is Canada’s epicentre for a booming unregulated birth tourism industry emerging from china. Birth tourism accounts for over 90% of the Birth at Richmond Hospital. We have to petition Ottawa to reconsider its birthright citizenship law to end place of birth citizen rights. Eliminated Hospital parking fee; it is immoral to charge for parking new hospitals because access to health care should not be limited. Pay Parking at hospital restrict access to health care. 

The sitting provincial government have made election promise to scrap Hospital Parking; I will work hard to ensure the government follow thru on their promise. 

The Issue:

he federal government appears to have dragged their feet and have made no progress to better understand and address birth tourism.

The lack of action to address birth tourism, which is widely perceived by the public as an abuse of Canada’s immigration system, has frustrated Richmond community 

“Richmond and Vancouver area hospitals continue to have the largest percentages of non-resident births, with an active cottage industry supporting women coming to give birth from China,” according to  the new annual data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information.


The Solution:

  • The epicentre of the budding industry is Richmond, where an annual record of 502 births to non-residents took place, up from 458 in the year to March 2019 and 474 in the year to March 2018.
  • Those 502 newborns represent 24% of the 2,094 total newborns at Richmond General Hospital. That is the highest total of non-resident births at a hospital across Canada. 
  • Non-resident births also peaked across Canada, with CIHI reporting 4,400 newborns to non-residents in 2019/2020, up 7.3% from the previous year’s total of 4,099, excluding Quebec.
  • Canada offers birthright citizenship – a concept also known as jus soli – meaning babies born to two foreign nationals on tourist visas are granted automatic citizenship.
  • Canada Federal Government should enact policies to curb the Practice.  cracked down on birth tourism with a new rule that “travel to Canada with the primary purpose of obtaining Canadian  citizenship for a child by giving birth in Canada is an impermissible basis” for a tourist visa.
  • An Angus Reid poll in March, 2019 showed 60% of Canadians want the law changed.