My Platform

Seniors & Long Term Care Home

Crises is alarming. Covid-19 has taken a deadliest toll on long term care home resulting in 82% of the Canada Covid-19 Death. We should lobby Ottawa to take control by enshrining long-term care within the Canada Health Act in order to enforce national Standards of care and accessibility.

Affordable Housing

Allocation up to 1% of the existing Crown land to development that will promote more affordable and low cost housing for British Columbians.

Currently new developments are required by the City Hall to have a minimum of 5 in 80 units for affordable housing. This does not meet the needs of our growing demographic.

Eliminate Hospital Parking Fee

It is immoral to charge for parking near hospitals because access to health care should not be limited. “Pay Parking at hospitals restricts access to health care. The sitting provincial government has made an election promise to scrap Hospital Parking; I will work hard to ensure the government follow thru on their promise. 

Birth Tourism

Richmond is Canada’s epicentre for a booming unregulated birth tourism industry emerging from china. Birth tourism accounts for over 90% of the Birth at Richmond Hospital. We have to petition Ottawa to reconsider its birthright citizenship law to end the place of birth citizen rights. 

Twin The Massey Tunnel

Why we need to stop the $3.5 Billion Bridge. There is a $1.9 Billion alternative. Less intrusion on precious agricultural lands; less impact on critical migratory birds habitat, less seismic vulnerability; less impact on the South Arm of the Fraser River. No dredging or scouring that would negatively impact the greatest salmon habitat in the world.

Protect our ALR Farmland

We need immediate action to protect our farmland from Speculators. Council is covering  up most of fertile farmland in BC with mega mansions. Taking entire farm out of production which only benefit wealthy investors and farmland owners who make millions. Its time to responds to the wholesale destruction of farmland as if food security and the need for a farming future truly was important.