Twin The Massey Tunnel

Cheaper and Faster with less impact on the Eco System.

The Issue:

A replacement for the George Massey Tunnel needs to be constructed sooner rather than later in order to help reinvigorate the B.C. economy. That’s one of several policy recommendations to the province by the British Columbians


The Solution:

  • Instead of the 3.5 Billion 10 Lane Bridges the alternate option is a $1.7 Billion dual Massey Tunnel.  The original tunnel could continue while the new tunnel is built.
  • Not only is it at least half the cost, there are other advantages: 
  • With the bedrock 600 meter below the surface, tunnel should be able to go deep to all big ships for Port Metro Vancouver. 
  • No dredging or scouring that would negatively impact the greatest salmon habitat. in the world.
  • Less Intrusion on precious agricultural lands and less impact on the south arm of the Fraser River and less impact on critical migratory Birds habitat.
  • The tunnel to be compatible with other modes of travel, like, pedestrians and bikes. 
  • Less seismic vulnerability; faster to design and build; better year round travel with fewer winter issues.